Kudos for Rosina

Congratulations to the students and teachers involved in the recent production of Rosina, the operetta that was recently performed at Morrin Centre's College Hall. Kudos to Morrin Centre's team -- and to France Cliche -- for maing it happen after the idea was suggested by one Edwina Carson.

Rosina was a project for the art lyrique students attending the Conservatoire d'art dramatique et de musique du Quebec and for its orchestra students.

Rosina, the libretto of which was penned by North America's first novelist, Frances Moore Brooke, was a charming piece -- a light comedy that had me smiling and laughing.

What I really liked, and appreciated, was the work that went into the production, work on character, lines, spoken and sung in English, the performers' second language. Their work on character, movement and pronunciation shone through. Although in opera we cannot always make out every word, the emotional connecitons were solid and the visual and gestures were clear.

I guess that I am a bit impartial when it comes to this production of Rosina -- I had the chance to see a rehearsal before the students had their costumes or set -- and they blew me away. I could hardly wait to see it at Morrin Centre, with lights, costumes, and, most importantly, the orchestra!

Thanks to a need for volunteers at the coatcheck, I managed to see the show for a second performance on Sunday afternoon -- at which time I was the audience member dancing in the back!

I guess I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for what was the beginning of a great adventure -- that of promoting the arts in this community -- the greater Quebec City community. Morrin Centre is part of the arts and cultural community. As much as Brooke's work and the Conservatoire students were a discovery for us, the library and Morrin Centre were a discovery for many of the audience members.

Let's hope that Voices from the Crossroads will be truly that... a place where people and their voices meet and share, and plan for an even brighter future when it comes to the arts.