Join Rebecca in the Walk or Run for the Cure

Photo: Rebecca Boucher

On Sunday, October 4, Rebecca Boucher will be walking on the Plains of Abraham with her mother Betty Ray Gowins, who has twice survived breast cancer.

Rebecca Boucher moved to Quebec City three years ago. She and her husband Philippe Boucher now have two children. Rebecca is encouraging people to join her in the CIBC Run for the Cure to help find the cure for breast cancer. 

Boucher will be walking with her mom, who will be visiting from Alabama. Boucher is quick to point out that her mother’s participation “is only possible because of the fundraising efforts of those who walked before us, which spurred advances in treatments that saved her life not once, but twice!” Boucher notes that although she walks in memory of those women lost, she is personally motivated to walk “for a cure, a prevention, a miracle that will be here long before my daughter's generation must face this awful diagnosis.”

Boucher was only 12 years old when her grandmother died of breast cancer. This is another reason why she will participate, Sunday, October 4, in the the 2015 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s annual CIBC Run for the Cure on the Plains of Abraham. She enthuses, “The money I raise will help fund vital research, education and community support initiatives. 

“Fundraising works,” Boucher avows. “Investments in innovative research and education by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation have led to progress in the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment of breast cancer. As a result, mortality rates have decreased by 43% since the peak in 1986.” 

“We are all in this together,” she reminds us. “Despite our successes, 67 women are still being diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada every day. Mothers, daughters, husbands, partners, fathers, sons, sisters and brothers, caregivers and friends – we will all be affected by breast cancer in our lifetime. “

“In past years, the Quebec City Mom's Nite Out group has often had someone representing the group and this year it’s me and my family,” Boucher states proudly. “I hope to raise $300 towards breast cancer research. I have done a few other walks, such as the Breast Cancer Three-Day (60 mile) walk and smaller ones back in my hometown of Atlanta, and raised about $5,000 at that time.” She assures would-be supporters, “Every penny we raise for research is important!”

Boucher invites all those who would like to contribute or participate to contact her. She explains, “I am fairly new to the community and would love some additional support or team members to walk with us! Since my 3-year-old is walking with us, we are doing the 1K walk.” 

To contribute, visit Boucher’s ‘Walk or Run for the Cure’ fundraising page ( 

Copy Editor’s notes: Rebecca Boucher is currently on the board of Voice of English-speaking Québec and is busy with three groups in the area: the Québec City Social Club, the Québec City Women’s Social Club, and the Young Ex-pat Professionals. To learn more about these groups, visit  

The CIBC Run for the Cure of Breast Cancer takes place on the Plains of Abraham on Sunday, October 4, starting at 9:00 a.m. Visit to register to run or walk, and/or to donate to Rebecca’s fundraising page.