Jack Tewksbury: from the QCT to the Golden Globe Awards!

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Photo: Jack Tewksbury

These entertainment articles written by Jack Tewksbury about Mae West and Robert Mitchum were published in the QCT in mid-October 1981. 

This unusual story all started with an email enquiry from a reporter with the Los Angeles Times, who wrote, “Jack Tewksbury is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), and I believe his claimed association with your paper is why he got to become a member of the association. So I am just trying to prove he wrote for you.”  

After much head-scratching and Google searching, I finally unearthed an item on the HFPA website stating that Jack Tewksbury was at one time a movie columnist for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. I contacted a few former owners, managers and editors of the QCT, but none of them had ever “hoida da chap” (to quote Clive Meredith). Thanks to Michèle Thibeau for digging up that HFPA website for me. 

The HFPA website says that Tewksbury began his career as a “dashing young NYU boy working in New York as a reporter for Motion Picture Daily and Radio-TV Daily, and later as a publicist for legendary producer Joe LeVine (whose Embassy Pictures produced Mel Brooks’ The Producers). Moving to Hollywood, he became the movie columnist for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.”

The question remained … When did he write for the QCT? Oh, did I mention that Jack is now 90 years old? 

According to the HFPA website, after joining the HFPA some 30 years ago, Tewksbury became an Executive Producer of NBC's The Golden Globes, producing nine of the star-studded awards shows that celebrate the best in television and motion picture achievements. He is currently a writer and editor for the Golden Globes website. He also served as treasurer and board member and has written many thousands of articles in hundreds of global publications.

Hoping to make contact with Jack Tewksbury to confirm his connection to the QCT, I sent a message to him via the HFPA website, and he actually wrote back! 

I received this email from Jack Tewksbury on Aug 21, 2016. “Hiya, Ms. Nadeau,  Thank you for reminding me of fun younger years, as a journalist. I am sending you four photos of a wall poster. Dates? Only you would know. Best….. JT” 

Tewksbury was being coy about the dates, but close examination of the photos of QCT newspapers in which his articles appeared confirm that he did indeed write for us in 1981. The masthead says this is the 41st edition of the newspaper in its 215th year. But how many articles he wrote and for how many years still remains a mystery. If you’re looking for me next week, you may find me in the newspaper’s microfilm files at the National Assembly library. 

Oh, and the 74th Golden Globes Awards show will take place in Beverly Hills on Sunday, January 8, 2017, hosted by Jimmy Fallon. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Jack.