It’s “thyme” to show appreciation to Wellness Centre volunteers at Jeffery Hale

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Jeffery Hale Partners had a good “thyme” thanking volunteers for their time helping others. Everyone went home with a little gift of thyme.

Jeffery Hale Community Partners held a volunteer appreciation event on April 25 around the theme of “It's thyme to thank you.”

Co-ordinator of volunteers Amy Bilodeau spoke about how precious thyme is – thyme flies, it’s about thyme, it’s tea thyme, and was a good thyme had by all? You guessed it, once again this gentle punster found a way to thank the people who generously volunteer hours of their thyme to help others. (Last year the theme was “berry” nice too.)

Bilodeau and other staff of the Wellness Centre managed by Jeffery Hale Community Partners organized a lovely event, complete with a delicious buffet supper and sparkling beverages. A door prize was drawn by long-time volunteer Amani Naja, who somehow managed to pull her own name from the box!

A large infographic poster listed the many ways volunteers had helped in the past year: 15 transport volunteers travelled 1,883 kilometres to get seniors safely to medical appointments; 22 day-centre volunteers served some 6,000 cups of tea and coffee to warm a senior’s day; families gathered 60 times, thanks to child-care volunteers; 20 dedicated volunteers encouraged fun and growth through the Special Needs Youth Program in the art class, kitchen and bowling alley; seven income tax volunteers lent their expertise to see to the financial well-being of over 60 people; and three new languages were spoken by volunteers who have been matched with seniors for friendly visits within our diverse and inclusive community. There are as many Community Christmas Hamper volunteers as there are recipients per year! Thank you!

Everyone went home with a gift of thyme (the herb in a bottle) from the Wellness Centre.

The quote at the bottom of the poster said it all: “We get so much more than we give.”

 To see more photos of the event, visit as well as the Community Christmas Hamper Facebook page.