Innovative private medical clinic ÉquiLibre opens its doors

medical clinic.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of Clinique médicale ÉquiLibre

Maryse Boulanger, clinic manager, Dr. Christine Lalonde, family physician and owner, and Isabelle Lechasseur, clinical nurse and co-owner of Réseau des Cliniques de Soins infirmiers du Québec, are proud of their collaboration in ÉquiLibre, a private medical clinic in the Montcalm district of Quebec City.

When your car breaks down, you call a mechanic and an hour later, you are back on the road. Leaky roof? Call a construction company and tomorrow your roof is repaired. Life's little emergencies are handled with promptness and care in Quebec City. Yet real emergencies, like health problems, are all too often left unattended.