I'm dreaming of a "Super Quebec"


You have to love this guy called Regis Labeaume. He wants to make Quebec City another Chicago or even NYC. He has plans to build skyscrapers, and parks and above all, a new "Colisee" so we can have a NHL team back here in the city, and that's no guarantee. Sounds great Regis, but that's all it does, "Sound great". He can promise the world, or at least a hockey team, and as usual people will listen, and aspire to bigger and greater things. The problem is, it's going to take MONEY, and lots of it. Money he doesn't have, and so far, money that nobody else has either. Talk about getting a NHL team back in Quebec City and the world, or at least the population of Quebec City, is your oyster.

These projects are wonderful, and enticing, but "show us the money" and maybe there would be some credibility to those aspirations. We have not heard any offers from the provincial or federal governments, and we won't before the election, so good luck with that. Winnipeg also wants a NHL team back in their city, but apparently they wouldn't need a new arena to get one, hmmm. Regis is practicing what we call tantalizing politics, tell the people what they want to hear, and you'll have them in the palm of your hand.  I don't know why he bothers to make all these mega project promises, he's a shoe-in anyway, but it certainly helps to cinch the deal, or the election, in this case. Once he's elected and comfortable in his mayor's chair it won't matter anymore what happens. Because if the money doesn't come through he'll just simply blame Charest and Harper for not contributing, or co-operating, and he'll be home free. 

But now that I think about it Mr. Harper may have an election coming up soon too, and he could also use the Colisee and the NHL as a vote buying ply. Come to think of it so could Ignatieff, and even the ADQ, or the PQ, or even the Liberals again. Actually, as long as there is no team here, the possibilities are endless, sort of like the "Never ending Story", or the Never ending Election promise if you like. Looks like there's more potential for politicians in not getting a team back, than there is in actually getting one.  

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