"Heroic" concert at Cathedral of the Holy Trinity raises funds for Aymen Derbali

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Photo: Lorie Pierce

Members of the Jeux d’archets Suzuki, one as young as two years old, led by their teacher Mélanie Grenier, performed at the benefit concert for Aymen Derbali at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Residents of Quebec City came out in great numbers to the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on March 11 to pay tribute to, and show support for, Aymen Derbali.


The pianist who played with the Jeux d'archets Suzuki is Jocelyn Turbis.

I sang with the Holy Trinity choir and played the organ part in Mozart's Ave verum.

Thank you for covering the event!

Samuel Croteau

I only wish I could have been there myself, Samuel.  I was at a rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar with the Quebec Art Company. - Glad to see the concert was such a great success both in attendance and the amount raised to help the Derbali family. - Shirley Nadeau