Her Excellency Sharon Johnston, launches her debut book at the Morrin Centre

"Matrons and Madams"

Photo: Sgt. Ronald Duchesne

Her Excellency Sharon Johnston launches her first book at the Morrin Centre 

Join Her Excellency Sharon Johnston, spouse of the Governor General, as she presents her debut novel, Matrons and Madams, at the Morrin Centre, 44 Chausée des Écossais in Old Quebec, on Monday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m. 

Inspired by a true story, Matrons and Madams is a saga of two women who join forces to improve the lives of women working in the brothels of Alberta and to combat the rampant spread of venereal disease following the return of soldiers from the Great War.

About the author
SHARON JOHNSTON grew up in Sault Ste Marie and graduated in physical and occupational therapy from the University of Toronto. She completed a doctorate in rehabilitation science from McGill University and ran a horse-training business called Chatterbox Farm. In addition to her many duties as wife of Governor General David Johnston, Her Excellency found time to recount the struggles of veterans adjusting to life in Canada after the Great War, in this, her debut novel.