Help Beatrice Cadrin attend music symposium in Germany

Beatrice Cadrin, experienced violinist, orchestra conductor and arranger and former choral director of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, will be launching her new production company In Musica at the beginning of 2015. The mission of her company is to modernize the symphonic concert experience and adapt it to the expectations of today's audience.   Cadrin graduated in orchestral conducting from the Conservatoire de musique de Québec in 2011 and has since attended international workshops with world-renowned conducting pedagogue Kenneth Kiesler. She previously studied six years in Hanover, Germany, speaks fluent German and has many friends holding positions in German orchestras or freelancing in that country."  Cadrin is asking for help to cover her new company's business expenses to attend an important symposium in Germany. "Attending this symposium is important because its topic aligns in perfectly with my company's concerns and objectives," says Cadrin. "This symposium will address the urgent topic of the future of professional orchestra musicians as a result of so many orchestras in the western world which are facing financial hardships leading to fusions, lockouts or termination. There is an urgent need to develop a new way of doing things, which is what I want to work on with In Musica, and why it is important that I attend this symposium."   The following institutions await Cadrin's report on the discussions at this symposium: Orchestre symphonique de Québec, Orchestre symphonique de Drummondville and the Conservatoire de musique de Québec.   "Attending a symposium, as opposed to speaking at one, is not covered by any of the available travel grants. Therefore, I have created a new crowdfunding campaign to cover the travel costs. You can find it here: The deadline for contributions to this fund is January 5, 2015.  If you can, please help Beatrice attend this symposium.