Government recognizes significance of maple products

The historic significance of maple syrup and other maple delicacies, which are widely considered one of Canada's flagship products, has received official recognition by the Government of Canada. A plaque commemorating the national historic significance of maple products from the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada was unveiled in Plessisville, at Citadelle Coopérative des acériculteurs du Québec.

"I am delighted to be part of this commemoration, recognizing an event so deeply rooted in our traditions and values," said Minister Paradis. "Maple products are perceived as synonymous with our lifestyle and identity, both at home and abroad. The annual sugaring off has even come to symbolize the awakening of spring after a long winter."

Known and valued by Aboriginal peoples long before the arrival of European settlers, maple products have a rich history in Canada. Their production and trade have played a key role in the economy of the Maple Belt, notably by providing supplementary income that helped ensure the survival of many family businesses. After breaking into the American market during the 1930s, Canada became the world's leading maple products producer and exporter.

"Maple products have a rich history in our country, enjoying both symbolic and economic value. Canada is in fact the main producer and exporter worldwide. By recognizing the national historic significance of maple products, our Government pays tribute to the men and women who played a role in developing this prosperous business that is the pride of Canadians," said Minister Prentice.