Government of Quebec announces government funding for Jeffery Hale Hospital and two other community health centres


Louis Hanrahan, Director of Jeffery Hale Hospital - Saint Brigid’s, Dr. Yves Bolduc, Minister of Health and Social Services, Dider Culat, Chairman of the Baord, Jeffery Hale Hospital - Saint Brigid’s.

Dr. Yves Bolduc, the MNA representing the Jean Talon riding, has announced $415,000 in government for renovations to Jeffery Hale Hospital, St. Brigid's home and the Residence Paul Triquet.

Jeffery Hale will receive $190,000, St. Brigid's, $50,000, and Paul Triquet, $175,000.

Bolduc said the funds will help improve the quality of life for patients and residents at the three faciities, improve working conditions for those employed there and make visitors feel more welcome.

A budget of $35 million is available to the social services network to be used to improve the functionality of institutions such as those receiving these funds. This money will be used for minor renovations.

The program allows for renovations, reconversion, transformation or replacement aimed at enhancing the quality, accessibility and efficiency of services, while providing for the creation of convivial atmosphere and treatment that the patients need and are accustomed to having.

Since 2003, our gouvernment has continued to take steps to maintain the improvement of the quality of life for patients, the minister said. Under the gouvernment"s plan, more than $800 million has been invested in treatment centres and longterm care in Quebec.

Combined with other services, the minister said, this has improved the quality of treatment and care available in these facilities, allowing for the provision of services to the elderly in a secure environment.