The Google Story

By now, everyone who has had communication with the outside world in the last ten years knows what Google is and does.

However, not everybody knows where it started (Stanford University) and the obstacles that they were forced to overcome (investors thinking search engines would never be useful).

That is exactly the topics covered in "The Google Story", a book published in 2005 and written by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed.

If you are looking for quality writing, that's not the ultimate experience, but there's a ton of information on the birth, struggles and growth of the giant internet property in this book. It is an easy and quick read, facilitated by short chapter and a lack of needless prose.

If you follow the link of the book (above), it takes you to a site about the book, but it also offers a video-conference with the author at Googleplex.

As much as I like to immerse myself into a good story (fiction), I prefer to read and actually learn something while I'm at it.

This should be a must-read for people looking to know more about this giant company that, while in it for the money and innovation, clearly takes to heart its "Do No Evil" motto.

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