A full house and stage for an amazing concert at the Grand Théâtre

12920_OSQ concert.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Musicians of the OSQ and Les Violins du Roy filled the stage at the Grand Théâtre to perform Stavinsky’s The Rite of Spring. First violin Catherine Dallaire is seen here doing something very important: she provides the note that all the orchestra instruments use to get in tune, before maestro Fabien Gabel steps onstage

The stage of the Grand Théâtre was filled to capacity on Jan. 22 and 23 as the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, augmented for the first time by Les Violons du Roy, presented Igor Stavinsky’s Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) – a revolutionary work in the history of music and dance. The monumental work required the presence of an impressive number of instruments on stage.