Fourth stage of the Tour de Beauce takes place in Quebec City

tour de beauce USE.jpg
Photo: Brian Black Hodes courtesy of Tour De Beauce

The winner of the fourth stage of the Tour de Beauce held in Quebec City on Saturday was Ian Garrison with a time of 1:32:55 for the 35 laps totalling 70 kilometres. However, the overall winner on Sunday afternoon was Andzs Flaksis of Latvia (above), who is enjoying all the attention from the ladies. He is holding a bottle of maple syrup in his hand, which will surely help him get his energy back!

The international Tour de Beauce bicycle race is held in five stages. The first stage of this year’s 32nd race began in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce on June 14 and covered 185 kilometres. The second stage, held on June 15, covered 169 kilometres, was held in Lac-Mégantic and included a gruelling climb up Mont-Mégantic.