Foster Care for Native Children

Jonathan Kay, columnist for the National Post (Canada), published a column today about how child services department across the country are failing native children by abiding to rules that run counter to what children need. This is all in the name of being politically correct, even when the children's lives are threatened.

This is the problem with child protection agencies: bureaucracy and no place to find a middle ground (you'll see this term often on my blog).

As shown in the story I linked to in the first paragraph, depending on what bloodline a foster parents belongs to, it will dictate where the child ends up.

This showcases the failures of a system that doesn't serve the child's best interest. That's a politically correct way to treat a problem that deals with the well-being and development of a defenseless child.

This is how far we have gone off track to treat natives in a different way and not according to a reasoned process.

Don't get me wrong...many natives could offer a much better alternative for children of white parents, that's a given. However, we are stuck in this administrative trap that only sees what can be done to appease racial tensions instead of what's good for a human being.

That's a sad state of affairs and I wonder whether a politician that chose to tackle this would be penalize at the ballot box, or rewarded for his no-nonsense approach?

I'll leave the last word to Mr. Kay:

"In another era, white Canadians willingly inflicted untold horrors on natives because we thought our religion, our technological advancement and out race made us their natural superiors. We now know better. And in our zeal to remedy past sins, we've flipped yesterday's racism on its head. The intentions are more noble, but the result is just as unconscionable."