Fingers crossed for action plan

Our fingers are crossed that the federal government’s cross-country minority-language tour will bear fruit in time for the action plan being prepared by former New Brunswick premier Bernard Lord.

Groups from across the country met with Lord to pitch their ideas and voice their concerns over, among other issues, the current funding formulas.

Quebec Community Groups Network president Bob Donnelly says that community groups in this province are concerned with the current funding system.

In particular, these groups believe that multi-year funding would completely change what organizations could achieve.
Some of the woes of single-year project funding are enough to give a person a headache.

Just when groups get a project up and going, it’s time to throw in the towel and work on a new idea. That can mean that a great project simply gets shelved, for the moment, and brought out to be dusted off by the next person hired to work at that organization.

Continuity is crucial when it comes to making a difference in communities. That continuity could be achieved through funding that enables them to keep their momentum, and stay connected with their members and the minority-language community at large.

This way, good ideas may be shared.

Lord, a bilingual Canadian, has prepared a draft, but has not yet completed his final report. Let’s hope his action plan revitalizes those working in minority-language community organizations across this great country!