English movies in original language


 How are you?

 Here, during the English laboratory we are talking about different ways to learn English. A good one is actually watching movies in original language version. Even more, you can also pratice your reading abilities as you put the subtitles on at the same time. It is really great to have the image to accompany the words, it gets easier to understand that way. Just think about it, as you finish a movie that you have put subtitle on, you actually almost read all a book. Read an English book in 2 hours, wooa!

 Also, you can much admire the acting as their original voices, intonation and expression reflect  and introduce a lot of emotions.

 And, if you're still not comfortable watching movies with both language and subtitles in English you always can put subtitles in French. That way you got all the translation, but be careful to not lose interest in the image!

FRANKY BOY and JULIEN PIN-PIN A.K.A  The Happy Whales from Cégep Limoilou   


It's a great way to learn english. If you listen your music in english it's a good way too and it's better if you sing in the same time your music is playing. Your can read BD or magazines in english too, but I think the better way to learn english it's ,if you can, go in a english province or in United-States. In last solution, you can start to chat with your friends in english, it can be fun. Tongue out

Clo and Step