Don't buy a car !!!


Do you have a car? If you have a car, you probably know that the fuel will be more expensive from this summer. This is a bad idea because they told us we paid too much since one year and they want to make more money again. And if you don't have a car, and you take the bus, you will be touch by this idea: Your pass or your tiquets will be augmented too.

 And do you know also than if you want to buy a 2009 car lower gas consumptiom with the forfait for cash return of 1000 dollars, the gouvnement will not give you the cash. The governement decided that is too much expensif to give some money...but this way the governement doesn't encourage a green environement!!!

Take your bike and enjoy the beautiful city of Quebec. It's the 400th aniversary so the city is particularly pretty for the event.

Don't panic the snow is melting slowly but surely!

 Have fun on your bike!!!

 CoolNic and Oli on their tandem bike from LimoilouCool

Take your bike or take your roller blades! I don't have a bike but I can skate in the street. Anyway just do something for the environment, it will be great for our future generations and for your body!

 Philippe aka Paul Hotbread