Deeply moving photographs by photojournalist Renaud Philippe At Musée de la civilisation


A man awaits amputation in a makeshift operating room. Another sifts through the ruins of his home in search of surviving family members. A nun administers the last rites to a dying person. A woman learns that her baby has died. Containers in hand, people go in search of water. Photojournalist Renaud Philippe, from the agency Stigmat Photo, recently returned from Haiti with gripping, deeply moving footage. The exhibition Haïti: Espwa Kouwaj, presented at the Musée de la civilisation at 85 Rue Dalhousie through February 25, features 24 of the photojournalist’s “fly-on-the-wall” photographs. In addition, a video production of 150 images captured during his stay will be shown until April.