A crafty rainbow pops up on Rue Crémazie!

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Marina Siffreddi and her two sons, Simon, 12 and Benjamin, 5 are proud to show off their homemade rainbow, designed and built, with their help, by her husband, Christian Robledo.

Built by the Siffreddi-Robledo family, this cunning work of art consists of 14 columns of pop bottles filled with coloured water, fixed between the balcony railings of their home in the Montcalm district.

Each column of three bottles is held together with hot glue. The top, middle and bottom sections of each column consist of portions of Pringles potato chip containers, each of which is covered with coloured paper to match the colour of the water in the bottles.

Smiley faces and letters that spell out “Ça va bien aller” are affixed to the columns. At night, the tall tubes of coloured water are even lit up with strings of tiny LED lights.

It took this “crafty” family over two months to complete the work of art, mainly because first they had to empty (drink) 42 bottles of pop (Pepsi) and eat 14 cans of Pringles!

The family’s first attempt to build a rainbow in mid-March consisted of bottles of coloured water standing in the large snowbank in front of their home, but the structure collapsed when the snow melted away. Then came the idea for the present balcony rainbow, complicated and complex!

If you’d like to admire the rainbow in person, you’ll find it on Rue Crémazie between Avenue Cartier and Avenue de Bourlamaque.