CQSB holds 20th Cross Country Run for students, family and friends

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

And they’re off! Participants ran the 2-km race of the CQSB’s 20th Cross Country Run at the Base de Plein Air de Sainte-Foy. 

On October 1, a gorgeous autumn day, the Central Quebec School Board held the 20th edition of the Cross Country Run. The event attracted over 500 students, friends and family members, who participated in six races at the Base de Plein Air de Sainte-Foy.

 “We are very happy to be here today on such a beautiful day,” said school board commissioner Stephen Burke. “We have representatives from 15 schools from all over the province, including three from Jimmy Sandy Memorial School in Schefferville.” He continued, “I am always proud to participate in any way I can.” Burke emceed the event and ensured that everyone had a good time. After enjoying one of  the “best hot dogs in the Quebec City metropolitan area,” he thanked the volunteers for their help. “Everyone here is a volunteer, a participant or is here to cheer,” he said.

“We encourage kids to participate because it is a way for them to qualify for the regionals,” said Shelley Longney, a member of the organizing committee. “The first eight students of each category can make their way to the regionals [competitions against students from other school boards].” If qualified students are unavailable to make the next competition, other students can take their place. “To participate in this community event,” she said, “you have to be a current student at one of the CQSB schools, a graduate, or a family member of a student or staff.”

 Spectators noticed how the younger runners are more competitive than the adults. For example, elementary and high school-aged participants dashed right off the starting line although some appeared to have less energy just a few hundred metres later, while adults paced themselves. Some runners gave it their all in the last few metres. Some ran so hard and fast they tripped just short of the finish line. Others crossed the line with huge smiles. The youngest group of runners, the Pre-Mosquitos, ran a one-km course; all the other categories ran two kilometres. The course took runners through woods, around the lake and back to the cheering crowd.

“This is a great activity because it brings people together, and has done so for the past two decades,” said Gina Farnell, an active member of the English-speaking community and alumna of CQSB schools. “Running and walking are accessible sports. The important thing is to participate.” She is extremely happy with her time, an improvement on her performance at the previous event held in 2014 (the 2015 edition was cancelled due to a labour conflict).

Malik Tard and Sophie Sheridan crossed the finish line first in the Pre-Mosquito Boys and Girls categories. Matt Lemay and Emma Pouliot won the event in the Mosquito category. Elijah Wapachee won the Administrators’ Cup and came first in the Juvenile category. Florence Clément was the first girl to cross the line in the Juvenile category. Evelyne Cox and Caleb Awashish finished first among the Cadets. Olivia Dubois and Lewis Allan won the Benjamin race category. Guillaume Tessier-Tremblay won the Ford Cup, an open category, and Katherine Bleeker was the first woman to cross the finish line.

For more information on the CQSB Cross Country Run and the results, visit www.cqsbcrosscountry.weebly.com. 


Claire Arseneau, Physical Education teacher at Holland Elementary School and the main organizer of the 20th CQSB cross Country Run added that:

Holland School won the Pre-Mosquito Girls, Pre-Mosquito Boys and the Mosquito Boys banners. Ste-Foy School won the Mosquito Girls Banner.

St. Vincent School won the Commissioners Banner/Cup for the school with the highest participation.

Quebec High School won their first ever Administrator’s Cup which is awarded to the first secondary school sending six runners across the finish line.  

St. Vincent School won the Ford Cup. This Open division is made up of parents, staff and students who have graduated from the various schools competing.

Congratulations to the fastest boy Elijah Wapachee (from McLean High School) and the fastest girl, Florence Clément (St. Patrick’s High School) who each won a 50$ voucher from Le Coureur Nordique.

Congratulations also to Emma Pouliot Mosquito Girl from Ste-Foy School (time 8:04) and Malik Tard Pre-Mosquito Boy from Valcartier (time 3:44) for breaking two records in the 2016 edition.

Thanks to all our sponsors, in particular Simons, Caisse Populaire Plateau Montcalm, SportsInter and Le Coureur Nordique, and the many helpers who made the 20th edition a huge success.