The conversation continues with Dialogue avec l’histoire II

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Dialogue avec l’histoire is back!

Dialogue avec l’histoire is back! The stark white Rubik’s cube-like sculpture, offered to Quebec City by the City of Paris, was originally installed in Place de Paris in Lower Town with much fanfare in 1987. It did not survive Quebec’s winters very well, and was demolished in June 2015 because it was falling apart.

The original Dialogue avec l'histoire measured 6.5 metres and consisted of two blocks of white marble, outlined with bands of black granite. Installed near the corner of Rue Dalhousie and Rue du Marché-Finlay, the modern structure was criticized by many for its placement in a historic sector of the Old City. Many residents were happy to see it removed.

The artist, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, was less than pleased.

After three years of debate, an exact copy of the sculpture was rebuilt in the Parc de l’Amérique-Française, on Boulevard René-Lévesque in front of the Grand Théâtre, tahis past month.

The Ville de Québec contributed $50,000 for the installation. The Commission de la Capitale-Nationale provided the site, but the largest amount, between $200,000 and $300,000, was paid by Marc Bellemare, who remains the owner of the work. He signed a contract to ensure the sculpture will remain in the park for 25 years. The official inauguration of the sculpture will take place after the Oct. 1 provincial election, according to Le Soleil.