Congrats to A.S. Johnson Memorial High School’s class of 2019

7319_AS johnson kids.jpg
Photo: Photo by Eugénie Tardif

A.S. Johnson Memorial High School class of 2019: (back row) Jimmy Monaghan, Aaron Lowry, Zachary Lafleur, Anthony Thivierge, Matthew Valdes-Guay, Gabriel Nadeau; (front row) Lucie Bergeron, Evelyn Cox, Mia Nadeau, Laurence Bergeron, Layla Renaud and Jennifer Houley were all dressed up for their graduation party after the official ceremony.

Graduation was celebrated at Andrew Stuart Johnson Memorial High School on June 22, in Thetford Mines.

Principal Stephen Renaud spoke to students about the importance of friends and family as they continue to discover the world and carve out a path for themselves. He explained how family and friends can support them through different trials and tribulations in life.