Confessions of an Intern - Week 1 (2)

Well, it was an incredible adaptation week! My week is coming to an end, and here is the account of my three last days of my first week.

Day Three

Wednesday is “down-day” (not D-day). Well, that is what I was told. On my third day, I opened the freshly printed newspaper to see my first post on the third page: a surprise that I was not sure to be pleased or shy about. “Cool”, I though. That was just the beginning of a great day. I met with Mr. Little to discuss of my generation and the communication habits attached to it. In a way I felt used; like a free marketing research, if you put it that way! I am only kidding around though, I was happy to give him information! If you want to know more about what I said, you can read my next post. When we wrapped up the conversation, he said he was going to take a trip downtown to take some pictures.

He threw two cameras in my hands, one still and one video. He said, “run across the way and get some batteries, we’re going to do some coverage.” So I did! On the way to the spot, we discussed about the Earl Nightingale recording, the understanding of it, the things my generation do not understand, etc. It was very pleasant. I do not have many intelligent conversations with my employers or parents, so this was very enriching. I learn many things with Mr. Little; not only about the industry and business, but also life lessons and ideals that most do not take the time to think about. I am very grateful to be working with a person with such insight.

Lets get back to the point. We drove to the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church and Cemetery to get some footage on the vandalism that has been going on. Armed with the video camera, I walked around with the painful image of the defacement of the reminder of English settlement. There were year-old garbage bags of leaves scattered in a pile, graffiti on the stones, dog feces over some tombstones, and worse yet, a grave was opened by sordid vandals. The only thing that came to mind was, “What did the English do to deserve such treatment?” It is a question that I have asked myself for ages, and not once have a found an answer. We asked a city worker some questions and took pictures and video of some of the damages. Buy next week’s paper, and you’ll get to know more!

Day Four

Thursday was somewhat low-key. I wrote a lot, made a couple phone calls, sent out some documents, watched some footage, etc. Both Ron Devost, who in charge of advertising sales, and Mr. Little gave me the task of posting some employment offers on the QCT job bank. These were sometimes a challenge sine I had to either change the format, or invent relevant content for those that had little information. When that was done, I was told to call up the Mayor to schedule a telephone interview between him and Mr. Little. Or course, bureaucracy has it so that I have to speak with many people before leaving a message that will never get through to him, especially when coming from an English source…

Friday is today. I have more collection phone calls to make, which I really do not like, but they have to be done. Other than that, I am writing my posts of course!

Happy reading,
Andrew MacLean, Intern – Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph