Confessions of an Intern - Week 1 (1)

In my last post I wrote about my lead-up to the internship. Quite a stressful week that was! Here is the summary of my first two days working with the QCT team.

Day One

At last, Monday had come and it was time for me to start my first day in the "real world". Leaving out the useless details, I took the bus way to early and got to the office 35 minutes ahead of time. Not to mention that Mrs. Fritschmann was not aware of my presence! Anyhow, my supervisor, Mr. Little came in later than I, but I had a good talk with Doris to calm my nerves before my first day.
My first task given to me by Mr. Little was to listen to a complete audiobook by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret. I was very inspired by this recording. I found it very easy to relate to it, having an old high school teacher say similar things to us for two whole years. The author of the recording spoke words of great wisdom about the secret of success, a lifestyle in its own terms. I will not discuss on this point, it will be in a later post. So there I was, early in the morning, listening to the 36-minute audiobook. “Not to bad, not to hard to do”, I thought.
When I finished listening to the motivational speech, I was given the task of calling up some clients who had not paid their dues. I was outrageously nervous about cold calling before the internship, now that I had to ask companies to pay their bills, I felt even worse. I took me about 20 minutes to convince myself to call the first client. The first call was the worst. I had baffled my words; I was not sure what to say at first. After making a couple calls, I was told I had a very unpleasant job to do; it gave me a little more confidence knowing I was not just doing a bad job, it was not the best job either! Then I had fun calling. It became somewhat easier. Between phone calls, I helped out Doris with accounting, which I usually despise. If I learned one thing, it is that sometimes you do learn useful things in school. Everybody working at the QCT was very nice, making me feel part of the game I began to feel a lot more comfortable with my surroundings.

Day Two

Got in a little early, as usual. I love the city busses for that; either you get somewhere early or late. With a perfect night’s sleep (sarcasm), I got to work on some papers I had to send out for my internship. With the Internet generation, I had never learned to use a fax machine, so it was exhilarating to fiddle with the thing until it buzzed and beeped out the number as I watched the papers go in. I was very pleased with myself! As you can see so far, creative writing—other than song lyrics—is not my specialty. Of course, I must relate this to my current task of writing this blog, and commenting on my experiences. This is quite amusing given my talent in writing. I helped with accounting once again. This time it was looking up different invoices, faxing them to clients, entering a subscription or two in to the system, etc. More time that goes by, the more I feel stable and less nervous. This may sound strange, but a quick walk to the convenience store with Michele and George gave me a smile; and the stretch felt good too.

Day two was very rushed since the next day was the publishing date for the paper. The surprise came on Wednesday when I noticed my first post was published! What a thrill! That’s all for now, I must say that Mr. Little is definitely more approachable since my first post! He must of thought I was afraid of him – just kidding of course!

Happy reading,

Andrew MacLean, Intern – The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph