Community Christmas Hamper Campaign prepares for a new season

Organizing Ctte CCHC 2011.jpg
Photo: Lucy Girard

Members of the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign organizing committee: Claire Groulx-Parent, Lidwina Winterson, Ed Sweeney, Mamie Stewart, Caroline Joll, Shirley Nadeau (Chairwoman), Barry McCullough, Katiana Cordoba, Jan Anderson-Toupin (Organizer with Jeffery Hale Community Centre), Hugh Fraser, Nancy Thomas and Beth Clibbon.

Stores around town have packed up all their unsold Halloween candy, costumes and decorations and already Christmas stock is being put on the shelves. Every year it comes as such a shock as the seasons change so quickly from mid-October to early November. It seems like just yesterday we were sipping cold drinks on the balcony and enjoying the last warm days of summer.