Commentary - Sounds of Singing

Published under Commentary on Page 4, March 26, 2008 Print Edition

Mar_26_Sound_of_Music_FOUR_NUNS.jpgThe thrills were alive to The Sound of Music at the Theatre du Petit Chaplain last Thursday evening. There were about 60 people present, about a dozen of whom were dressed in costumes.

During the first part of the evening our host, Bertand Alain, explained how to enjoy the movie with lots of audience participation. We were encouraged to sing along to all the songs as the words appeared along the bottom of the screen.

We were all given a bag containing various objects to hold up at specific times during the movie. When Maria and Captain Von Trapp kiss for the first time, fireworks go off (well, mini fireworks)!

When certain characters appeared on the screen, we were told to boo or hiss at the Nazis; say “Aaaww” whenever little Gretel appeared; hiss or whistle at the nasty Countess; and bark like a dog when Liesl’s boyfriend appeared on the screen - “Rolf”! “Rolf!”

Church bells and doorbells ring often during the movie and one audience member brought along her own bell to ring on these occasions.

Then Alain invited all in costumes to come up on stage for the judging by audience applause.

There were four nuns (Shirley and Kim Nadeau, Sharon Little and Colleen Bilodeau), Katarina Urbschat in a white dress with a blue satin sash (one of Maria’s “favourite things”), a couple in lederhosen and dirndl, two postulants (one quite obviously pregnant!), and three girls in Bavarian costumes.

The winner, the girl with the nicest legs, received a Melodie de Bonheur T-shirt.

A great time was had by all and we hope the theatre will run this event again sometime next year and even more people will come and enjoy this interactive event in English.

I am glad it was a successful event!