Clowning it up at G20 in Toronto

clown 580.jpg

I think
it was really a stretch, but at least he had HIS name tag visible.

There is a YouTube video in circulation of "Bubbles" a
Toronto Police Service officer A. Joshephs who threatened a citizen with
arrest if she continued to blow "bubbles" in his direction. This was
way beyond reasonable.
And of course she was
arrested even though she did stop blowing "bubbles."

If nothing else, maybe this G20 summit will change the
than thou" attitude and Toronto cops will be more reasonable with it's
citizens. They have had a free reign for far too long pushing young
people around doing searches and overstepping their authority. Why do
they do this, because most of us respect"ed" the police and they need to
earn that back. Also many young people are not aware of their rights
and just complied as good citizens always do. They are just a bit beyond
that thin line right now, and if they play it right, they may gain back
our respect, but they better do it really quick. So what were the
citizens to do when the police were confiscating "goggles" if they
happened to come across floating bubbles?

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA (at least I always thought it was until I
experienced the G20) ..
take on the G20 in Toronto

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