Cardinal Ouellet vs. The Pro-Abortion Media

Some journalists have attacked Cardinal Marc Ouellet for his anti-abortion speeches at two recent events (the National March for Life in Ottawa, and the conference in Quebec City organized by Campagne Qu├ębec-Vie).

Let's set aside the whole issue of abortion to simplify this discussion. Indeed, before we start a debate on abortion, we first need to agree on something more fundamental: authenticity. In other words, you cannot have a good debate with someone who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Whatever your position on abortion, you at least need to take that position truthfully and without hypocrisy.

What is the connection between authenticity and Cardinal Ouellet? Simple: The pro-life position is not Ouellet's position, it is the Catholic Church's position. Ouellet is one of the rare Bishops in the Province of Quebec who is openly supporting the Church's pro-life position.

This leads to one inescapable logical conclusion: pro-abortion journalists are not giving credit where credit is due. These journalists should congratulate Cardinal Ouellet for being honest, and they should attack just about every other Bishop in this Province for being hypocritical.

After, and only after, should they attack the pro-life position.

But pro-abortion journalists are not only illogical in their attacks. They also flee honest and constructive debates. I know. I've been inviting them for years.

Stefan Jetchick