Calèche horse collapses in apparent exhaustion

I have just returned from a vacation in Quebec City and would like to know how the calèche horses are protected? Everyone on my tour bus was distressed to see a brown horse collapsed on a Quebec hill, unable to pull his carriage with driver and passengers (9 June 2010, 10:45 a.m.) Our tour guide said she had seen the very same horse collapsed on a recent previous occasion and said it should not be doing this work. On my return to the UK, I have checked photos in travel brochures which show caleche-type carriages and in all cases TWO horses are pulling each carriage. I can send you photos taken in Austria and Poland, for instance.

Why is this misuse of horses, which I intend to draw to the wider attention of tourists, allowed in your otherwise beautiful city? I hope that your newspaper and citizens will bring about change, as having your horses collapse in the street is not only cruel but also very poor PR for Quebec. I thank you in anticipation of positive action.

Ann Abbott
Essex, England


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