78th Fraser Highlanders at the Battle of Ste-Foy

Sergeant Major Simon Farnell Morisset, 78th Fraser Highlanders

Police Uniform

Just a quick observation/question for readers: 

Is it just me or the army pants the police officers are wearing in protest against the lengthy negotiations for a new collective agreement are way cooler than the usual uniform they are forced to wear?

As far as I'm concerned, they can wear them as long as they want.  I'd even put that into the new agreement... 


Fortier Going Against the Odds

Quebec City Travel Newsletter May 26

Foster Care for Native Children

Jonathan Kay, columnist for the National Post (Canada), published a column today about how child services department across the country are failing native children by abiding to rules that run counter to what children

Former Quebec Carnivals Player Gary Carter In the News

Former major league catcher Gary Carter is back in the news today, with what he said on a Sirius Satellite radio show following the rumors that New York Mets manager Willie Randolph could be fired in the coming days or weeks:

Blog or Op/Ed: The Google Story

The Google Story

By now, everyone who has had communication with the outside world in the last ten years knows what Google is and does.

However, not everybody knows where it started (Stanford University) and the obstacles that they were forced to overcome (investors thinking search engines would never be useful).

Blog or Op/Ed: Democratic Process

Democratic Process

Being Canadian, my take on the nomination process for the Democrats is unimportant to many outsiders. That said, it is interesting to see how the democratic process works for our Southern neighbors and how we differ here in Canada.

Feedback please...Memorials and Things of Fame


Just wonder if anyone out there reads "Memorials and Things of Fame"....?

Just wondering...........



Confessions of an Intern - Week 2 (Final)

These are my final two days of my first internship, my last two days at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

This Thursday morning, I was supposed to get started on advertisement
recruitment for the paper’s summer project. Of course a promo-sheet
will never be good enough, so we (Ron and I) had to wait for George to
play around with iDesign to adjust the imperfections.

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