Shalom from Quebec, shall we continue to welcome?

On December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The same date also marks Canada’s ratification of the UN Convention on Discrimination Against Women.

Dignity, equality, freedom and social justice are among the rights protected under these conventions.

But what have these steps meant? Have we progressed?

Sports and Education


What if we travelled together?

DSCF0003.jpgAs the first winter storms hit, we have to get in the rhythm of things, finding boots, shoes, mittens and shovels. There’s also the rhythm of winter commutes.

City's snow removal leaves much to be desired

OK, granted it was quite a lot of snow... Still I think the city could have done a better job. My 10-minute drive to my son's school took an hour Tuesday morning; Chemin Ste-Foy was at a standstill and any alternate I tried was only marginally better.

Here are a list of our Silver constributors so far

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Here are our Bronze contributors so far

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Bernice Simons
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Irish Heritage Quebec Invitation

picture-1.gifI have been invited to speak at the next meeting of Irish Heritage Quebec on the evenning of Dec 3 at 7pm. I am honored and look forward to seeing as many of the English community in Quebec City at the event.

Christmas Hamper 2007 Campaign

It is that time of year which allows me to dare address this wee word to you in the hope I can successfully urge you to make a donation to the "Communiy Christmas Hamper Campaign" of the Jeffray Hale Community Services which is currently underway.

My first blog entry - Hello Quebec City Community

Now that I am officially a online member to the QCT I thought I would start taking advantage of the bells and whistles that Pierre has brought to the paper.

Well, more later. Subscribe today!!

Ed Sweeney

Educating the public on school boards is key

What on Earth was Mario Dumont thinking when he proposed to call an election on the back of abolishing school boards? What would that solve? More importantly, who else would raise their hand to take over the tremendous job of co-ordinating our schools?

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