The long, hard road to publishing

I've finished recently writting my first book and I think it's pretty darn funny, touching and an overall good read.
It took me two years of dedication and perseverance.
Like some of you who are reading this right now, you may have written something you too would like the world to read, enjoy and if your lucky get inspired from...

Needed changes at the Chronicle-Telegraph

I decided it was time to bring you all up to date on more changes we are implementing at the QCT starting in 2008.

Over the last six months I have seen and learned a lot from friends and from dedicated employees of the newspaper. I have read extensive historical backgrounds on the operations of the oldest newspaper in North America going back more than a century.

What are you doing to celebrate Quebec City’s 400th anniversary?

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph wants to know!

Are you watching the calendar of events planned by the Société du 400e de Québec? Are you planning to attend community-sponsored events?

Just thinking

how nice it would be if we could actually be able to contact old friends in Quebec City. Now, I look in the obituaries to see if anyone I know is there...Pretty sad, huh? My husband's name was in there recently. WE met and married in Quebec City and I was born there, so of course it is a very special place for me and for my family.

This month is overflowing with 400th anniversary activities

For a comprehensive schedule of happenings related to the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, see the official calendar of events at

Make your own history in 2008

Well, 2008 is finally here! As we recover from relaxing and feasting over the holidays, it is time to get into the rhythm of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations, if we have not already.

This city was founded through the courage and determination of those who first landed here and believed in a new world, a land of opportunity.

Attention Advertisers: New Chronicle-Telegraph Distribution

Great news for Advertisers and our Readers!!!

New Year’s celebration happened in the crowd


Excuses, excuses....

Schools were closed today because of yesterday's snow storm.

The world stopped turning.

Parents everywhere are angered because another day's worth of work vanishes from their two week allowance  sick day  calendar.

Keep the CHN website alive!

The following is a letter that was sent to Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement.

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