Fingers crossed for action plan

Our fingers are crossed that the federal government’s cross-country minority-language tour will bear fruit in time for the action plan being prepared by former New Brunswick premier Bernard Lord.

Groups from across the country met with Lord to pitch their ideas and voice their concerns over, among other issues, the current funding formulas.

A Canadian trooper

With all the recent heartbreaking casualties our military have suffered in Afghanistan, and the jingoistic doubletalk that the Canadian public has been fed by our politicians and military leaders, perhaps the following might set things in a more just perspective. The following is, I need not add, a sarcastic comment on what has been going on.

I, a Canadian trooper Stan,

The Laurel Comment

“China, for 18 of the past 20 centuries, has been the largest economy in the world and will be again this century”.
-Chris Patten (former Governor of Hong Kong)


Quebec winters: the real thing!

I just spent the weekend in Quebec city visiting mum and friends. We had the chance to visit the Plains of Abraham and check out the activities, the snow sculptures, and the ice sculptures.

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Seniors on the Road

There's plenty in the news these days about seniors on the road -- driving and walking!

When it comes to seniors driving, it can be a very touchy subject. Giving up a privilege that one has had for decades is a tough decision, especially when it lands in the hands of the family, a physician or the police to be the bearer of bad news.  

Kudos for Rosina

Congratulations to the students and teachers involved in the recent production of Rosina, the operetta that was recently performed at Morrin Centre's College Hall. Kudos to Morrin Centre's team -- and to France Cliche -- for maing it happen after the idea was suggested by one Edwina Carson.

The long, hard road to publishing part: deux


Now you know being about my book being rejected 38 times actually 39 as of this writing... But what I didn't tell you the first time around is that this summer I actually did get some serious interest from an agent in New York city...I was so close to success and stardom I could taste the recycled paper I printed the response on.

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