St.Lawrence Students take a Green Step!

By: Claudia Kedney-Bolduc, Edison Chan, and Elyse Moreau 

Quebec City Travel Newsletter for April 2008

Being a Relevant Newspaper

I have recently renewed my subscription to the QCT and am wondering if my motivation in doing so was only to support a community organization because I do globally question what I obtain from the paper.

Commentary - Sounds of Singing

Published under Commentary on Page 4, March 26, 2008 Print Edition


CBC Radio's Go! a hit at Morrin Centre


CBC Radio One's Go! can come back any time!



Brent Bonhomme Banbury and his motley crew touched down in Quebec City in mid snowstorm for a week's worth of adventures leading up to their live show at Morrin Centre on Saturday, March 15.

Quebec City gathering combines art and conversation for International Women's Day


Quebec City gathering combines art and conversation for International Women's Day

The Laurel Comment

“Nations are formed and kept alive by the fact that they have a program for tomorrow.”
-José Ortega y Gasset


Let’s not bury our heads and our heritage in the sand


Our Mayor seems to be more worried about what other people might think about the ruins of the former St-Vincent-de-Paul church, perched precariously at the top of Côte d’Abraham, than saving a part of our city’s heritage.

Reflections on The Hansard

With all the suits, real and threatened, in and out of the House of Commons, and conflicting records of who promised what life insurance policies (vide bribes) to whom, thank God there is always one resource those in search of enlightenment can consult. May I share my reflections on the subject with you?
Reflections on The Hansard

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