Confessions of an Intern - Week 1 (1)

In my last post I wrote about my lead-up to the internship. Quite a stressful week that was! Here is the summary of my first two days working with the QCT team.


Confessions of an Intern - The Introduction

Spring Fall(s)

For many years we've made a habit of visiting several of the region's waterfalls. Chute de la Chauriede sees us a few times a year, and every year I tell myself that I really should try and go at the very begining of spring to see the falls at their peak volume. Well, we finally did it this year, and boy we were not dissapointed. The falls were spectacular!



Volunteers are green power

This is one powerful week – as we celebrate volunteers and the planet.

It’s National Volunteer Week and Earth Day whirred by on Tuesday.

Volunteering keeps us physically and mentally motivated. It keeps us active.

Quebec City Travel Newsletter April update

the frustations of a student...


I don't know for you, but sometimes, I feel very frustrated to be a student. Yell

A Response to the “Trashing” of the new recycling bins.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the Quebec City Municipality for issuing these new larger bins.

In my world of pro-recycling and anti-littering, these bins are a vast improvement over the small blue boxes of before.

Welcome to Deborah's students from Classehiver 2008!

The students in the 'English in the Media' classes at Cégep Limoilou have officially started blogging! I would like to introduce these amazing people.

Don't buy a car !!!


Do you have a car? If you have a car, you probably know that the fuel will be more expensive from this summer. This is a bad idea because they told us we paid too much since one year and they want to make more money again. And if you don't have a car, and you take the bus, you will be touch by this idea: Your pass or your tiquets will be augmented too.

English movies in original language


 How are you?

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