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The long, hard road to publishing part: deux


Now you know being about my book being rejected 38 times actually 39 as of this writing... But what I didn't tell you the first time around is that this summer I actually did get some serious interest from an agent in New York city...I was so close to success and stardom I could taste the recycled paper I printed the response on.

The long, hard road to publishing

I've finished recently writting my first book and I think it's pretty darn funny, touching and an overall good read.
It took me two years of dedication and perseverance.
Like some of you who are reading this right now, you may have written something you too would like the world to read, enjoy and if your lucky get inspired from...

Excuses, excuses....

Schools were closed today because of yesterday's snow storm.

The world stopped turning.

Parents everywhere are angered because another day's worth of work vanishes from their two week allowance  sick day  calendar.

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