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Update from the Publisher First-year round-up

Amazingly, it has been a year since I took the helm of North America's oldest newspaper. Over this year, I have learned a great deal about and have become integrated into this city; it has been a profound learning experience for me.

My French is certainly better, and I feel, now more than ever, a part of Quebec City's close-knit anglophone community.

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Needed changes at the Chronicle-Telegraph

I decided it was time to bring you all up to date on more changes we are implementing at the QCT starting in 2008.

Over the last six months I have seen and learned a lot from friends and from dedicated employees of the newspaper. I have read extensive historical backgrounds on the operations of the oldest newspaper in North America going back more than a century.

Attention Advertisers: New Chronicle-Telegraph Distribution

Great news for Advertisers and our Readers!!!

Irish Heritage Quebec Invitation

picture-1.gifI have been invited to speak at the next meeting of Irish Heritage Quebec on the evenning of Dec 3 at 7pm. I am honored and look forward to seeing as many of the English community in Quebec City at the event.

Who is the new publisher?

Well, there has been lots of speculation over the last few weeks about what has been happening with the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. “Who is this new guy?” “Who is Pierre Little?”

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