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Where in Quebec...

A fun new site has been launched that poses the question 'How well do you know Quebec City?'


Failed by Employment Insurance safety net

For several years as I worked at the QCT doing layout and managing the office, I also did small freelance contracts on the side; VEQ's newsletters, a few ads, and other small projects. So when, in the fall of 2007, I unexpectedly found myself without a job, my natural thought was to try my hand at doing more serious freelance graphic design work.

Spring Fall(s)

For many years we've made a habit of visiting several of the region's waterfalls. Chute de la Chauriede sees us a few times a year, and every year I tell myself that I really should try and go at the very begining of spring to see the falls at their peak volume. Well, we finally did it this year, and boy we were not dissapointed. The falls were spectacular!



City's snow removal leaves much to be desired

OK, granted it was quite a lot of snow... Still I think the city could have done a better job. My 10-minute drive to my son's school took an hour Tuesday morning; Chemin Ste-Foy was at a standstill and any alternate I tried was only marginally better.

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