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The following is a letter that was sent to Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement.

Here are a list of our Silver constributors so far

Silver Category
($76 - $200)

Here are our Bronze contributors so far

Bronze Category
($10 - $75)

Bernice Simons
Edith Boivin
Elizabeth Lovett
Elsie Jewell
Esther Greaves
Jean Allaire
Joan Joli-Coeur
John E. Mons
Lillian Gillard
Louise Murphy
Lyla Paquet
Lynda Lemelin
Madeleine Grenier
Madeline Stewart

Christmas Hamper 2007 Campaign

It is that time of year which allows me to dare address this wee word to you in the hope I can successfully urge you to make a donation to the "Communiy Christmas Hamper Campaign" of the Jeffray Hale Community Services which is currently underway.

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