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Confessions of an Intern - Week 2 (Final)

These are my final two days of my first internship, my last two days at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

This Thursday morning, I was supposed to get started on advertisement
recruitment for the paper’s summer project. Of course a promo-sheet
will never be good enough, so we (Ron and I) had to wait for George to
play around with iDesign to adjust the imperfections.

Reflection on The Strangest Secret

As I have said before, I will post something on how I react to Earl Nightingale’s speech about the secret to success.

Confessions of an Intern - Week 2 (1)

My last week here has begun. It’s sort of disappointing to have to leave so quickly, but I guess things must go as they are!

Relating News to my Generation

On Wednesday May 7, 2008, I spoke with Mr. Little about different ways my generation takes to communicate and get their information. I knew part of the answer. He helped my find the rest with some interesting questions.

Confessions of an Intern - Week 1 (2)

Well, it was an incredible adaptation week! My week is coming to an end, and here is the account of my three last days of my first week.

Day Three


Confessions of an Intern - Week 1 (1)

In my last post I wrote about my lead-up to the internship. Quite a stressful week that was! Here is the summary of my first two days working with the QCT team.


Confessions of an Intern - The Introduction

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