Biking along the other river.


If you're looking for a nice little bike-ride of about an hour or so, you might want to consider the beautiful bike paths along the St Charles river. This well maintained path winds along the St Charles river from the "vieux port" marina to the Marie l'incarnation bridge. It runs along both sides of the river and is paved all the way. One can cross over a choice of bridges along the way, or go 'till the end and come back on the other side. The gardens and foliage along the way are beautiful, and are in full bloom around this time of year, this being July. On the north side you will at one point arrive at a park with a bit of a lake where all sorts of waterfowl call home. There are viewing spots scattered around to watch the ducks. This park (Cartier-Brebeuf) is a very special place as it is the spot where Jacques Cartier actually spent his first winter 1535-36 in Quebec City, known as Stadacona at the time. Most of his men died, but he was saved by the Amerindians. This website is helpful.

There is a monument to this effect, which I don't think too many people know about. This is a very historical place. In fact, it has been designated a National (Canadian) Historical sight. It is in fact a Federal park. There is a bit of redesigning going on right now (at time of writing), but the bike paths are open and clear. This park is open at 9:00am and parking is free if you prefer to leave from there. There is also a very historical old house (typical "canadienne" style) farther on, which you can visit.

The wind is not as much a factor as is the case along the St Lawrence and we are secluded from the traffic most of the way. It is very peaceful. I enjoy it and I would hope that some of you would too.

Job Patstone