2008 photo contest winner


Congratulations to Valcartier Village resident Hugh Wolff who took first prize in the QCT’s Spring Photo Contest! Wolff is an entrepreneur who lives on a farm in the village. Wolff has sent in photos to a couple of other contests, including the municipality’s photo contest. He is a fan of experimenting with his camera. “I like to use certain kinds of filters, light refraction, and stuff like that,” said Wolff. He aims for pictures that no one else takes. His photo portrays Lake Ferry. This photo came about because “it was such a beautiful day with the sun coming off the mountains.” Lake Ferry is located in Valcartier Village, off Blvd. Valcartier, not far from Villages des Sports. “We used to go down there and picnic. My ancestors used to own the lake and the land around the lake.”