100th anniversary of the first expropriation in the Hamlet of Valcartier


Hudson Billing (centre) holding the commemorative plaque, was the youngest family member present. He is the great-great-grandson of a Billing settler, and the son of Scott Billing, standing behind and to the left him. Todd Crawford, with hands clasped in front of him, is to the right of Hudson. Sixteen people came from Sherbrooke. With local people from the Valcartier and Shannon area, a total of 43 people attended the ceremony.

On Sunday, August 3, descendants of original pioneer families who toiled for a century and more to create farms from wilderness where Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Valcartier now stands, met to honour their ancestors.

The group started in Rivière-aux-Pins where many climbed a steep mountain to see the surnames carved on Eddy Conway's rock.

Where can I find the names of the 127 families that lost their land. I know that my mother's family came from that area and some of her ancestors "disappeared" along the way!

I would try Cathy at [email protected]

Thanks, Pierre