September 13 2017 Edition

200th Road Scholar program held at the Auberge du Mont

Road Scholar program.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Some 35 mature students gathered at the Auberge du Mont in Valcartier from September 3 to 8. They were there for the 200th Road Scholar program held at the inn which adjoins Mont Saint-Sacrement, a private secondary school, and the former Valcartier Ski Lodge.

Montcalm en Fête celebrates with a Folle Foire

Photo: Bill Cox
Avenue Cartier became a pedestrian-only street for the joint Montcalm en Fête and Folle Foire celebration last Saturday, September 9. 

Haikus and sketches in Mount Hermon Cemetery

haikus and sketches.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Marc Brennan, executive director of Mount Hermon Cemetery, welcomed the Kukaï de Québec (haiku poetry group) and the Croquistes de Québec (urban sketchers) to enjoy a morning on the grounds of the beautifully landscaped garden cemetery last Saturday. Some 20 artists and poets found inspiration for their work between the tall trees and tombstones.

Dream Les Légendes showcases rock ’n’ roll classics

Dream les Legendes.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Classic rock ’n’ roll and a musical voyage; who wouldn’t like that? The Théâtre Petit-Champlain was packed on August 31 for Dream Les Légendes concert.

Envol et Macadam music festival punk rocks Quebec City

Envol et macadam.jpg
Photo: Natalie Keller

At Îlot Fleurie, a park situated under the highway overpasses in St. Roch, a sea of dark hoodies rocked out in unison at this year’s edition of Envol et Macadam. Known as Quebec City’s first alternative music festival, it has been attracting dedicated punk rock fans since 1996.

Jacquelyn Smith has Limoilou at heart

Jacquelyn Smith.jpg
Photo: Mary McCown

J’ai Limoilou tatoué sur le cœur.” “I have Limoilou tattooed on my heart,” says Jacquelyn Smith, the Démocratie Québec candidate for the Limoilou electoral district in the upcoming municipal elections.

Enjoying coffee at a trendy boutique café and tearoom on 3ième Avenue, Smith shared her vision for the neighbourhood she loves so much with the QCT.

Fighting for life on Suicide Prevention Day

September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day. This date was first recognized in 2003 by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and endorsed by the World Health Organization.

Almost one million people around the world commit suicide each year, hence the theme for 2017, “Take a minute, change a life.”

Wapikoni’s Cinema on Wheels rolls into Quebec

Wapikoni cinema.jpg
Photo: Wapikoni Facebook page

Wapikoni Mobile’s first-ever coast-to-coast tour, Cinema on Wheels is stopping in Quebec City on Saturday, September 16, as part of the official program of the Quebec City Film Festival.

First Nations tradition meets fine dining in Quebec City

First Nations dining.jpg
Photo: Natalie Keller

Imagine the most fragrant flower. Now imagine that flower mixed into a delicate cream, served over an aromatic cake, flavoured with essence of pine and served with a wood-smoke infused crumble and fresh wild berries.

Quest for Quebec’s Finest Poutine: Frite Alors!

Photo: Natalie Keller

The setup / the feel: Near the corner of Rue Crémazie, an unassuming side street off of the ultra trendy Avenue Cartier, sits a small, low building tucked between a jewellery store and a barber shop.

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