October 13 2010 Edition

A Community of Faith

Spiritual Chronicles

In the past several days, I have heard different people say something like: I believe in God, but I don't see any need to go to any church. Most of the people there are hypocrites anyhow and I have a close relationship with God. Or they will say: I am spiritual but not religious.

I find both of these statements profoundly disturbing on several levels.

Nurturing Abortion Dialogue is No Easy Task

May 14 marked the 41st anniversary of the Canadian Parliament's passage of legislation that gave the right of choice in abortion to women. Presently, Stephen Harper has made it clear, Canadians in general "don't want to re-open the debate" on the controversial topic.

Two SLC business students win prestigious Garfield Weston Award

Two Champlain St. Lawrence College students have been selected from among 800 applicants for the Garfield Weston Award, which recognizes college-bound students who show a strong commitment to their fields of study and are interested in making positive contributions to their communities.

Scots make Imprints in Quebec

Two new books trace the steps of Canada's - and Quebec's - extensive Scottish history; Ray Baillie's Scottish Imprints in Quebec, and award-winning author Ken McGoogan's How the Scots Invented Canada.

Baillie's book, launched last week at the Morrin Centre, looked back at the six years he had spent in the province putting together Scottish Imprints.

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