May 18 2011 Edition

Understanding Wills

The article “Ask Miss Durie – Answer and Advice” in your April 27th edition was very interesting but I was taken aback by the following: “Also, you must remember that wills created in the province of Quebec can be contested if any persons named therein live outside of the province.”

Ash trays and cigarettes

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette, Puff, puff, puff until you puff yourself to death… [words of a Country and Western novelty song written by Merle Travis and sung by Tex Williams in 1947]

Mark your calendar for the Community Forum

A Community Forum has been organized to showcase the programs and activities in place that benefit the health and wellness of Quebec City’s English-speaking population.

Scientist, Engineer and co-founder of Quebec City’s Bomem wins prestigious Canadian Space Award

Photo: Canadian Space Agency

Henry Buijs has just received the John H. Chapman Award of Excellence from the Canadian Space Agency for his exceptional contribution to the Canadian Space Program and a lifetime of achievement in space science and technology.

First Royal Visit to Canada

King Henry IV.jpg
Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Queen Elizabeth II has visited Canada on more than twenty occasions, but members of the Royal Family have been regular visitors to Canada since 1786. As we await the visit of Prince William and Kate we thought you would enjoy a history of Royals who visited Canada in the past.

Maestro Talmi’s farewell gift

Photo: Courtesy of l’OSQ

The final three concerts of the season presented by the Quebec Symphony Orchestra / Orchestre symphonique de Québec (OSQ) will be unlike any other this season. In fact, the evenings of May 25, 26 and 27 will mark the end of Maestro Yoav Talmi’s artistic direction.

Robert Lepage to take Wendake by Storm—or rather, by Tempest!

Photo: Pointcom

Internationally acclaimed Robert Lepage has chosen to stage his latest production of William Shakespeare’s classic play this July at the outdoor amphitheatre in charming Wendake, home of the Huron-Wendat nation. At the press conference in the village’s Hotel-Musée last week, Lepage spoke about the upcoming event.

Orange is in, blue is out.

Alas that dreaded federal election has come and gone.

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