March 10 2010 Edition

Maple syrup industry optimistic for 2010

After four difficult springs, the 2009 season will go down as a historic season, with Quebec maple syrup production hitting 109.4 million pounds. Producers have been thrilled with the news, especially after they produced only half of this volume the previous year.

Owning the podium a noble objective

In response to Ladd Johnson's letter in last week's QCT entitled "Modesty is Important," I have these words to say. As a native-born Canadian, I, along with many other millions of my compatriots are all too well aware of the ‘modesty, balance, and fair-mindedness', as Mr. Johnson refers to it, of our country and its people.

Excerpts from Les Annales de l’Asile du bon-Pasteur de Québec on St. Patrick’s Day of old in Québec City

Another entry of our Annals is dated March 17th, 1875: This year, as in other years, we had an order for banners, decorations, etc. for the Irish feast day.

More seal pups stranded on beaches

The Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network expects there will be more incidents involving seal pups stranded on beaches in the next few weeks. Poor ice conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence make it difficult for hooded and harp seal pups, normally born and nursed on the ice pack. This could mean very high mortality rates for seal pups born this winter.

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