June 20 2012 Edition

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News Digest for June 20, 2012

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Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Our fellow-citizens of French Canadian origin will celebrate their national festival today with the usual pomp. The several sections of the St.

Launch of Space Quest for Kids

Photo: Photo by Juanita Craig

The eighth edition of the Space Quest for Kids, was launched on Thursday, June 14, in the Morrin Centre library, aka the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec (LHSQ).

During the launch, the Boîte à Science hosted a workshop on exploring the universe.

Stoneham and Tewkesbury to pay homage to Scottish pioneers

Fraser Highlanders.jpeg
Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

On Monday, June 25, the members of the Historical Society of Stoneham and Tewkesbury, presided by Gaétane St-Laurent, along with the Tartan Guard and bagpipers of the Quebec City 78th Fraser Highlanders will pay homage to the original Scottish pioneers of the region.

The event will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a Rights to the City ceremony at Stoneham's city hall.

A look back at the War of 1812


Early in the 19th century, most of Europe was preoccupied with the Napoleonic Wars. A by-product of those wars was the War of 1812, often called "the forgotten war."

The War of 1812 was declared by the United States against Great Britain on June 18, 1812, and is a source of pride to many Canadians.

Getting your Irish Up: The influence of Irish on the English language

Photo: Photo by Juanita Craig

Getting your Irish Up: The influence of Irish on the English Language was the title of the final conference of the season held by Irish Heritage Quebec at McMahon Hall last Monday. The talk, given by linguist Patrick Duffley, a professor at Laval University, examined the use of Irish words and Irish syntax in English and the contribution of Irish to English slang.

War of 1812: a Quebecer fired the first shot

01 Cuyahoga taken.jpeg
Photo: Photo used with the permission of Peter Rindlisbacher

Probably the least-known hero of the War of 1812 is a naval officer from Quebec City named Charles Frederick Rolette. As a lieutenant in the Provincial Marine, the Canadian naval force of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River area, he had command of the brig HMS General Hunter on Lake Erie at the beginning of the war.

Quebec celebrates! Bonne fête!

Photo: Photo from the fetenationale.qc.ca Web site

Quebec City will have everything in place so that the public can enjoy the events marking the fête nationale on June 23 and have a safe and happy weekend.

This year, for the first time in Quebec City, la Saint-Jean will be celebrated during the day as well as on the evening of June 23.

Lyme Disease: Summer Flu, or something else?


Summer has arrived in Quebec City, and with it comes gardening, picnics in the park, and family camping trips. It also brings with it the possibility of contracting Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection which can be passed by the bite of an infected tick or mosquito. It is an extremely serious illness which can rob you of your health and a normal life.

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