July 11 2012 Edition

Just how far is a marathon?

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Photo: Photo supplied by C-A Nadeau

I have competed in four marathons in my life. The first one was in Paris where there were over 18,000 of us in the event and it took me seven minutes just to cross the starting line. The second one was the Ocean State: participants ran practically from the southern end to the northern boundary of little Rhode Island.

Sea Shanties and stories of life behind bars

World renowned bass baritone Douglas Renfroe will be performing a number of sea shanties during a concert to be held on Sunday, July 15th at 1.30 pm at the Morrin Centre.

During this unique event, Renfroe will discuss the origins of these maritime work songs.

Chalmers-Wesley’s 30th annual summer organ concert series

Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

Over the past 30 years, a long list of performers, composers and musical groups have presented concerts to entertain audiences in the beautiful sanctuary of Quebec City's Chalmers-Wesley United Church, located on rue Sainte-Ursule near the Citadel.

Unique to these concerts is the fact that the wooden panel normally concealing the organist during worship services can be removed, thus allowi

Lightning Storm! Kaboom!

Photo: Photo by Jan Ouellet

On Saturday, June 30, at 2:00 p.m. a sudden, violent lightning storm passed over Quebec City. The powerful wind brought sheets of rain with hailstones. Trees were knocked down and thousands of households throughout the province were without electricity.

Winners of the June 2012 Mystery Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce the five winners of the June Mystery Photo Contest which began with the first photo published in the Wednesday, May 30, 2012, edition.

Photo #1 - The correct answer is Parc de la plage Jacques-Cartier. Five people submitted the correct answer and a random draw produced the name of Lynda Lemelin as the winner.

Surrealism: Crossing the Atlantic to the New World

Danger, Construction Ahead.jpg

Surrealism is a post World War I cultural movement that at first concerned literature but soon encompassed the visual arts. Having lived through the devastation of the war, writers and artists involved in the movement sought to explore the irrational and all that was disconcerting and irresistible in their surroundings as well as in their own minds.

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